Legacy Series






Legacy! An exciting fantasy/steampunk adventure!





A perfect bundle of stories for those looking for a new and fun adventure!   

   The story of the Legacy begins with England’s most infamous thief, Pierce Landcross, whose taste for adventure leads him into numerous escapades—involving Apache privateers, the Moirai, chasing after an inheritance, finding love, facing the Hellfire Club, hunting for fugitives, being reunited with old enemies, jailbreaks, time travel, and much more!
    “The world as we know it is standing on the pivotal edge of change! An evolution is taking shape. This is the climb, my friends! The climb up towards the peak of the Industrial Revolution! I say unto thee, we must contribute to thrive! Contribute to the Age of the Machine!”
    Legacy was written for those with adventure in their hearts and a dash of mischievousness in their souls.

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First Chapters! 
Legacy (Vol.1)  / Legacy-the Reunion 
Legacy-The Underground / Legacy-Bounty Hunter
Legacy -The Forgotten Story / Legacy-The Payment


              Legacy is also available in a box set!


Legacy series synopsis

Click here for the Legacy comic strip!


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