Cycles Series

When one battle threatens millions, how will the world survive in the ashes of warfare?


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Cycles: A Cut Through Time



After awakening deep underground, a lost soul with no memory, digs herself out and finds she’s inside a cave. While out in a forest, she comes across a hunter in danger, and after saving him from death, he brings her to his village. The hunter, Jaxith, gives her the name Octavia.

In the faraway kingdom of Qavia, nestled within the Cold Desert lands, Emperor Xaryus and Empress Kala share an ambitious goal that requires an alchemist to produce indestructible soldiers that are not of flesh and blood. Global chaos breaks out following a battle between the sides. Things only become worse afterwards.

When the result of the battle endangers the village, Octavia and Jaxith agree to go on a mission to retrieve vital supplies that are no longer easily available. During their quest, Octavia tries to discover her past and find out who she is.


This story takes place in another world, rich in its history and culture. It’s a tale about the importance of friendship, self-discovery, and being loyal to those closest to the heart.




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