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Storyteller (Thriller/Mystery/Suspense) A Novella

Eric Webb is a typical jewelry thief, turned fugitive until he enters a night of horror.
While hiding in the Motor City, Eric receives a package on his doorstep. Inside is a cell phone and his first call comes from his old thieving partner and friend, Post.
But this is no courtesy call.
Post is in trouble and after he makes Eric plea to someone holding him hostage to spare his life, Post meets a brutal and gruesome end.
The killer, who calls himself Storyteller, has plans for Eric, one involving a demonic Easter egg hunt to find pieces of his dead friend hidden in various parts of Detroit. If he fails, Eric’s beloved daughter back home in Georgia will suffer. With no choice, Eric goes around collecting each body part left for him, all the while trying to stay out of sight of the law and gradually learning what this whole nightmare is all about.
And as the night goes on, Eric will discover just how personal this troubling mission is


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