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The Age of the Machine Series


An exciting steampunk series!
At last, the Age of the Machine Era has arrived! And with it comes the Machine Wars. The Age of the Machine stories begin years after the Legacy tales end when the sons of the infamous outlaw, Pierce Landcross, join the British Army to fight a foe that is both human and mechanical. After the First Machine War ends, the second war gears up over the years. In between it all there is a doctor with a cryo chamber who is resurrecting the dead, time travel to a barren future, battles between vampires and demon half-breeds, a hired gun automaton, reunions, and so much more!
The Age of the Machine is the second series to steampunk/fantasy, Legacy, and its dieselpunk standalone, Boom Time, where you will be reunited with old characters from Legacy as well as being introduced to new ones!
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First Chapters!

The Age of the Machine (Vol.1)

The Age of the Machine-Soul Thief

The Age of the Machine-Other World

The Age of the Machine-Ghost Fire

The Age of the Machine Series Synopsis

Click here for the Other World comic strip!

The Age of the Machine is also available in a box set!


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