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Storyteller (Thriller/Mystery/Suspense) A Novella

Eric Webb is a typical jewelry thief, turned fugitive until he enters a night of horror.
While hiding in the Motor City, Eric receives a package on his doorstep. Inside is a cell phone and his first call comes from his old thieving partner and friend, Post.
But this is no courtesy call.
Post is in trouble and after he makes Eric plea to someone holding him hostage to spare his life, Post meets a brutal and gruesome end.
The killer, who calls himself Storyteller, has plans for Eric, one involving a demonic Easter egg hunt to find pieces of his dead friend hidden in various parts of Detroit. If he fails, Eric’s beloved daughter back home in Georgia will suffer. With no choice, Eric goes around collecting each body part left for him, all the while trying to stay out of sight of the law and gradually learning what this whole nightmare is all about.
And as the night goes on, Eric will discover just how personal this troubling mission is


Legacy Series / Boom Time / The Age of the Machine Series / The Warning / Atlantic Pyramid / Cherished Thief / Storyteller / Poe’s Haunted House Tour / The Hex Hunt Series / Spine Shivering Stories/ About Moi



Premade Book Covers

Here are a few premade book covers I’ve designed. Each is for sale and once sold, the design is deleted and never made available to anyone else. It will be solely yours! Just email me your request at with the words BOOK COVER in the subject line and let me know which of these you would like to be your next cover. 😊

$50.00 for ebooks.

$120 for paperback of any size you need.

$15 for bookmarks

Cycles Series

When one battle threatens millions, how will the world survive in the ashes of warfare?


Coming soon


Cycles: A Cut Through Time



After awakening deep underground, a lost soul with no memory, digs herself out and finds she’s inside a cave. While out in a forest, she comes across a hunter in danger, and after saving him from death, he brings her to his village. The hunter, Jaxith, gives her the name Octavia.

In the faraway kingdom of Qavia, nestled within the Cold Desert lands, Emperor Xaryus and Empress Kala share an ambitious goal that requires an alchemist to produce indestructible soldiers that are not of flesh and blood. Global chaos breaks out following a battle between the sides. Things only become worse afterwards.

When the result of the battle endangers the village, Octavia and Jaxith agree to go on a mission to retrieve vital supplies that are no longer easily available. During their quest, Octavia tries to discover her past and find out who she is.


This story takes place in another world, rich in its history and culture. It’s a tale about the importance of friendship, self-discovery, and being loyal to those closest to the heart.




Legacy Series / Boom Time / The Age of the Machine Series / The Warning / Atlantic Pyramid / Cherished Thief / Storyteller / Poe’s Haunted House Tour / The Hex Hunt Series / Spine Shivering Stories / About Moi


Books that now available on audible!

Click on the titles!

        Legacy (Vol.1)                                                                                    The Warning



                                                                   Atlantic Pyramid

                                                                           Coming soon!

Cherished Thief                                                                  Atlantic Pyramid


Ghostwriting Services

As of now, I’m available to accept one client. 

   Hello! And welcome to my ghostwriting service page!
Do you have an idea for a great story but need help putting it down on paper? Do you have material written and need a hands-on person to polish it?
A lot of people have wonderful stories to tell, but either lacks the time, experience, or desire to write them down. If this is you, then you need a ghostwriter! Ghostwriting has been part of the publishing industry for decades and makes up about 60% of all published work, especially in nonfiction. Many bestsellers have been written by ghostwriters.
Ghostwriters do the heavy lifting, and when all is said and done, you get to walk away with your very own book! You take credit, title yourself an author, see YOUR name on the cover, and claim every bit of the royalty spoils. All of this for just having an idea! Sounds cool, right?
Let’s start off by getting to know each other.
My name is Michelle Deda, and my pseudonym is Michelle E. Lowe. As of now, I live in southern California with my husband, Ben, and our two children. I’ve been writing for over twenty years and have published nineteen titles. You can find my work here on Amazon and Goodreads. A couple of my books had been traditionally published through different publishing houses, Nordland Publishing and Beau Coup Publishing, both of which have closed their doors. To get a sense of my writing, please see my sample page.
My services include:
—Write a novelization of a screenplay
—Rewrite an early draft of a novel to improve voice and style
—Help the author prepare a solid outline (if needed)
—Cover design
To ensure that you get the best that I can offer, I will only manage two clients at a time. Please check my schedule below for my availability.
To get started, simply send an email with the words “Book Idea” in the subject line and tell me about yourself and your story’s premise.
After the initial email, I will send you a brief questionnaire regarding your story. Here are the questions I’ll be asking.
Note: It’s not required that you answer all questions. Answer as many as you can. 😊
1)     Do you already have a detailed plot in mind?
2)     Do you have a deadline? If so, what is your proposed time frame?
3)     How many words do want your book to be? Give a minimum and a maximum.
4)     Are you looking for someone to write your book, or is this a rewriting project?
5)     How much creative input from me is allowed?
6)     How do you envision your main characters?
7)     Are there any specific scenes you can see in your mind, regardless of whether it fits into the plot?
8)    Can you recommend any books related to your project?
9)    Do you have Word on your computer, or will we be working in Google Docs?
After I receive your answers, we will schedule a free consultation, preferably via Zoom, or, if you prefer, we can talk over the phone. We’ll discuss any questions or concerns you have and what needs to be done to make your book happen.
If you decided that I’m the ghostwriter for you, please email me your story outline and also a character sheet explaining each of your characters—i.e., physical descriptions, their personalities, and their place in the story.
Note: Outlines help immensely, especially in fiction, so please make sure you have a detailed chapter-by-chapter outline to move us along. If you need help with outlines, check out How to Write an Outline. If you’re unable to write an outline on your own, then you and I can work to create one and establish a solid premise. Once we have a clear vision of where your story is going, I can then begin to write your book. (Any changes to the story line must be determined beforehand. Any major rewrites during the book writing process could be costly.)
Before you contact me, please read the guidelines below to see what I can do as your ghostwriter!
Your voice
Everyone has their own voice when telling a story. As the author, I’m sure you will want your book to sound as if you had written it yourself. If there is a certain writing style you want your story to emulate, tell me the name of the writer and suggest one of their books.
After the interview, I will send you the first two pages of your story for free and give you a sense of the writing, as well as allow you to address any adjustments and improvements you would like to see. 😊
The process of our writing journey
As your ghostwriter, I’ll help write and transform your ideas into the story you’ve envisioned. I will regard your work as delicately as if it were my own and deliver a full manuscript.
During the writing process, I will send you portions of your book in whatever way you feel most comfortable, i.e., chapter by chapter, in three increments (the beginning, middle, and end), or the whole manuscript at once.
Note: If you change your mind about how you would like to receive your book, it can always be done. If you choose chapter by chapter and later decide to get it in increments, instead, it won’t be a problem.
As you review the material, I will begin working on the next section until complete. I will do three reads before the project is complete. Once the first draft is written, I’ll read over the entire manuscript along with your comments and suggestions and then work on any corrections and adjustments. I will then send the manuscript back to you for another round of reviews. When you send it back to me, I’ll again go over the manuscript. After the second read, I’ll send it on for your approval before I begin my final read. In the third and final read, I’ll address any last-minute issues and suggestions you have, as well as do the final touch-ups, making it ready for editing.
Important note: It is paramount that yur book idea is original. If your story is comparable to someone else’s, whether it be another book, a movie, a video game, etc., you will lose acceptance from an audience and even land yourself in legal trouble over infringement. If I recognized that a story idea sounds far too similar to another existing work, I will send an email expressing my concerns and allow you to decide on whether changes to the story line are in order or if you would prefer to find another ghostwriter.

What I write and do not write

What I write:

Science fiction


Epic fantasy

Urban Fantasy



Historical Fiction

Romance/ paranormal romance










What I do not write:

Racist material. I will not write for any hate group. Nothing that targets anyone due to their race, gender, or sexual preference.

Child abuse or any kind of material that exploits children. (unless it is strictly used for character development)

Animal abuse

Religion & Christian fiction

Fan Fiction


Children’s books

Blog posts

Horror (This may change in the future.)



How-To books

Any sort of political material


Short stories

Screenplays (This also may change in the future. However, if you have a screenplay that you would like to turn into a book, I can help with that.)



  • I do NOT work for a slice of the royalties.


  • Payments are made before any work commences and payment methods are established before the letter of agreement is signed.


  • If you ever wish to sever business ties with me, I require written notice of severance of contract. There are no refunds for work already produced.

. Should I be unable to finish or if I cancel our letter of agreement, I will honorably refund 50% of all payments received.


  It generally takes four to twelve months to write a 250+ page book. Should you have a deadline that is less than this time frame, pricing may be affected. See deadlines below.

If for any reason, you cannot make a payment but wish to keep me on as your ghostwriter, let me know and I’ll hold onto your project at no extra cost until you can continue.


My pricing guidelines are simple. I don’t charge by the word or by the hour, but rather a flat fee.

There are two options when it comes to payment. It can be made in increments of three as the first, second, and final part of the book is written, or in smaller amounts, depending on your budget.

  • Full-length books ranging between 75,000 and 200,000 words: $5,000 total.

Option One: Pay in three increments of $1,666.

Option Two: Pay in four smaller amounts of $1,250.

Novellas between 20,000 and 60,000 words: $4,000 total.

 Option One: Pay in three increments of $1,333.

 Option Two: Pay in four smaller amounts of $1,000.


  • Rewrites for any project: $3,000 total.

   Option One: Pay in three increments of $1,000.

Option Two: Pay in four smaller amounts of $750.

Method of payment

After the letter of agreement is signed, I will then send an invoice via PayPal. Payment must be received within 30 days after an invoice is sent or I will assume a non-written contract breach has been made. As a result, the project will be abandoned. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account to make payments.


While I am not an editor, I will do proofreading and editing on my end at no extra charge. Having said that, after the process is said and done, a professional editor will be required. My personal editor is KH Koehler who is also a cover design artist. I have worked with her on nine of my own books, and I highly recommend her if you’re in the market for an editor and/or cover designer. Her website is

Also, if you haven’t worked with an editor before, I can help you on that front. I’ll work with you and the editor of your choice until we get your book publish-ready. This is also a free service I offer.

As a side note, before the book is sent to an editor, it would be a good idea to have at least one or more beta readers go over the manuscript. Also, a couple of good proofreaders to read the book after editing.


(A proofreader is someone who looks over your manuscript for grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. A proofreader should see your manuscript AFTER all the editing is done, beta readers have made their suggestions, and you have made all of your changes).


If you have written a book or only partially written one and need help to make it shine, I can help with that!

In writing, there are a set of rules such as point of view (POV), cause & effect, and show not tell. As I help rewrite your story, I’ll correct any writing rule violation(s), clear up confusing writing, make dialog believable, and transform it into a proper book. If you like, I’ll send you comments to point out any major errors so you won’t make the same mistake when writing your next book.

To get started, just email me with the words “Book Rewrite” in the subject line and tell me a little about yourself, your idea, and about all the material you’ve written. Your story should be in a Word document and the first two pages sent as an attachment. I’ll respond to let you know that I have received your email and then read over the material to get a sense of your story. Afterward, I’ll email you back the first two pages edited for free, and if you feel I’m a good fit for your project, then the next step will be to schedule a time for your free consultation to discuss your story over Zoom or by phone.

During the rewriting process, I’ll be sending you back individual chapters. If you have any questions or concerns, just add them to the comment boxes. I will not make any huge changes in your work unless you give me the thumbs up. While you review the current chapter, I’ll be working on the next chapter, and so on.

Note: If anything comes up and you’re unable to continue, let me know immediately and we’ll hold off until you’re ready to begin again.

Once the first draft is completed, I will begin working on the second draft, adding and repairing everything we’ve discussed in the first round. I will again send back each chapter for your review. Once the second draft is complete, I will work on the entire manuscript alone, putting on the finishing touches. At this time, you should be looking for a beta reader(s), proofreader(s), and a professional editor if you haven’t found one already. Once I’m through with the third round of edits, I will send you back the entire manuscript.


If you have a specific time frame in mind for your book to be completed, I need to know exactly how long we have before we begin. As a professional, I will not take on a job if I feel I cannot deliver, so please make sure your deadline is reasonable. As I mentioned before, it usually takes between four to twelve months to write a full-length book, and if you want a project done in two to three months, please make sure you have your detailed outline and character sheet ready.

Putting a book on a tight leash will also tack on the cost simply because more time and focus will be spent on your project. If your deadline calls for the job to be done in half the time it usually takes to write a book, an extra $1,000 will be added whether it’s a full-length book or a novella. Novellas, usually take three to six months to complete, so if you’re thinking two months, have everything ready for a speedy writing process.

 Book cover design

If you need a book cover, I can also provide you with a stunning cover image. In fact, I have designed nearly all of my own book covers myself. My rates for an ebook cover is $250 and print $500.

Letter of Agreement

Below is a sample of the letter of agreement. Once we determine the details, such as estimated word count, deadline (if there is one), book title, and payment options, I will add them to the contract I send you.

Please sign and date the PDF document and then email it back to me. If you do not know how to sign a PDF file, here is a short YouTube video on how to do so.


Print out a copy of the letter of agreement for your own records. This letter of agreement also refers to rewriting projects. Once I receive your signed letter of agreement, the work on your book will begin!

I look forward to working with you and helping you bring your story to life!

 This agreement is between AUTHOR (print name) _________________, and GHOSTWRITER________________ and is executed this date DAY____, MONTH________YEAR__________

Author and Ghostwriter are entering into this Agreement for the purposes of completing BOOK TITLE_________________ of a word count of approximately________________ words, herein referred to as the “Work.”

Method: To accomplish the Work, Ghostwriter will meet with Author over Zoom or speak to Author over the phone to discuss Author’s project, deadline, and how the Work is to be delivered, i.e., chapter by chapter, three increments, (the beginning, middle, and end), or entire manuscript at once. This can be changed during the writing procedure if Author wishes.

Plagiarism: To the best of the Ghostwriter’s knowledge, the Author’s story is of his/her/their own unique ideas and does not borrow from any other copyrighted work. The Ghostwriter is not liable for any infringement violation should they occur.

Deadline: Ghostwriter will have {amount}_________ of the Work done by__________. Author will have access to the Work at any point during the writing process. An extra $1,000 will be added to the amount if this project is on a deadline. The price for the Work will be______. (If no deadline is needed, the Ghostwriter will put in ‘no amount’ and ‘no set date’ into the blanks.)

Payment: Payment for the Work will be delivered according to the following method and schedule: Through PayPal invoice and in an advance. Payment method is _______________. This will indicate if you choose Option One: Pay in three increments, or Option Two: pay in four increments.

Royalties: Ghostwriter will not be entitled to any royalties, residuals, or commissions upon the sale of the Work. Total payment for Ghostwriter is_________, payable according to the terms listed above.

Copyrights: Author will own the Work, including any copyrights and sale or distribution rights.

Credit: Author receives full credit for the Work unless decided upon by Author to include name of Ghostwriter.

Confidentiality: Ghostwriter acknowledges that she will have access to certain privileged information during the course of this project. Ghostwriter agrees to keep all information confidential from any and all third parties, during and after the course of this project.

Author will pay extra if rewrites are to be made during the book writing process. Ghostwriter will issue an addendum to payment on rewrites.

Termination: Author will have the right to terminate this Agreement at any point. Should the Author terminate the Ghostwriter’s services, Author will be required to send a written notice of severance of contract, and Ghostwriter shall keep all payment for any completed work. Should the Ghostwriter be unable to complete Work, a 50% refund will be given to the Author.

Author and Ghostwriter agree to the above terms and undersign here to that effect.

________________________________                               ________________________________
Author Name                                                                          Ghostwriter Name

________________________________                               ________________________________
Author Signature                                                                    Ghostwriter Signature



As of now, I’m opened to take on one client.

Sample Pages

Hello, and welcome to the sample pages! With each book here I have selected a random chapter. Even though I will be writing your story in your voice these samples are to give you an idea of my writing capabilities. Enjoy!
Science Fiction/Dystopian                                                                       Historical nonfiction

The Warning Sample Chapter                                              Cherished Thief Sample Chapter

                                                                Atlantic Pyramid Sample Chapter

Paranormal Romance  (Mature Audience)

Fantasy/Steampunk                                                             Fantasy/Steampunk

        Legacy Sample Chapter                                                The Reunion Sample Chapter
       Fantasy/Steampunk                                                              Fantasy/Steampunk

   The Underground Sample Chapter                          Bounty Hunter Sample Chapter
          Fantasy/Steampunk                                                              Fantasy/Steampunk

     The Forgotten Story Sample Chapter                               The Payment Sample Chapter

                                                                Boom Time Sample Chapter
                  Steampunk                                                              Steampunk

The Age of the Machine Sample Chapter              Soul Thief Sample Chapter
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The Age of the Machine Series


An exciting steampunk series!

At last, the Age of the Machine Era has arrived! And with it comes the Machine Wars. The Age of the Machine stories begin years after the Legacy tales end when the sons of the infamous outlaw, Pierce Landcross, join the British Army to fight a foe that is both human and mechanical. After the First Machine War ends, the second war gears up over the years. In between it all there is a doctor with a cryo chamber who is resurrecting the dead, time travel to a barren future, battles between vampires and demon half-breeds, a hired gun automaton, reunions, and so much more!

The Age of the Machine is the second series to steampunk/fantasy, Legacy, and its dieselpunk standalone, Boom Time, where you will be reunited with old characters from Legacy as well as being introduced to new ones!
If you would like a signed copy and live in the US, please visit my online bookshop!

First Chapters!

The Age of the Machine (Vol.1)

The Age of the Machine-Soul Thief

The Age of the Machine-Other World

The Age of the Machine-Ghost Fire

The Age of the Machine Series Synopsis

Click here for the Other World comic strip!

The Age of the Machine is also available in a box set!


Legacy Series / Boom Time / The Age of the Machine Series / The Warning / Atlantic Pyramid / Cherished Thief / Storyteller / Poe’s Haunted House Tour / The Hex Hunt Series / Spine Shivering Stories / About Moi


Welcome to the Bookshop!

Hello, and welcome to my bookshop!

If you love to read then you’ve come to the right place!

Come browse and see what book(s) you would like! Simply Email me with BOOKSHOP in the subject line, and I’ll send them to you SIGNED!

The price for US shipping is a flat fee of $3 per book. Overseas shipping will be more.



Each paperback is $20.00. Hardcovers are $30

Once you make your order, I will send an Invoice via PayPal.

Note: You DON’T need a PayPal account to make an Invoice payment. 😊

Supplies are limited. Some novels may need to be ordered in. All hardcovers and children’s books will need to be ordered in.

Amazon Public Policy (@amazon_policy) / Twitter

The Legacy series. A fantasy/steampunk/adventure saga!

 Legacy (Vol.1), & Book Two, Legacy-The Reunion

Legacy (vol.1)

A thief, a lover and a toymaker; drawn together by fate, unlikely champions against a powerful and remorseless enemy. When not fighting each other, they must confront a powerful lord and end his plan to unleash global violence. No problem. But behind the scenes, the immortal trickster is manipulating men like puppets, changing history for his own amusement. And as an ancient plan is set into motion, the trio is faced with events they do not understand and may not survive. Legacy is the first of an epic new series that combines Fantasy and Steampunk in an unforgettable novel set in Victorian England.

The Reunion:

Britain’s infamous thief, Pierce Landcross, has returned to face justice. On the way to London, he learns that his long-lost parents are being held in Newgate Prison. To save them, however, he must first escape his own dire situation.
But not everything goes according to plan, and Pierce finds himself in yet another adventure as well as a mystery he never anticipated.
A small fortune has been left to the Landcross family and to collect it is to follow a series of clues. Pierce is joined by a beautiful and adventurous young woman named Taisia Kuzentsov, and together they set out for the Netherlands to retrieve this inheritance.
And danger isn’t too far away. Tailing them is a bounty hunter who aims to get his hands on the money and the reward offered for Landcross.
With every clue Pierce and Taisia find, they uncover untold secrets about the family and soon learn there is more to the journey than initially believed.

Click here to read the first chapters of both books!

Book Thee: Legacy-The Underground, & Book Four: Legacy-Bounty Hunter


After years on the run, Pierce Landcross is ready to leave Europe altogether and start a new life with his family and his soulmate, Taisia. The plan to flee, however, is postponed the instant his estranged older brother, Joaquin shows up! Joaquin has fallen seriously ill, and the only way to save him is for Pierce and Taisia to travel with him to Scotland and locate a certain demon with the power to take back what belongs to it. But, first, they need to seek out the creature’s owner—an illegal whisky brewer named Coira MacCrum. For Coira, their arrival couldn’t have come at a better time. She makes a bargain with Joaquin. To see the demon, he must first retrieve a special item stolen from her by an infamous organization. The Hellfire Club.

Bounty Hunter:

Pierce Landcross, his family, and the Sea Warriors put into port at Sonora, Mexico, on their way to their new home in the Hawaiian Islands.For the Landcross lot, however, this short visit will be no pleasurable retreat. When a dangerous, nomadic tribe of Goth ghosts arrive, everything changes. Gog, their leader, is weary from centuries of aimlessly roaming the universe. He believes he has found a bride in Taisia Landcross. But to claim her, he must first separate Taisia from her husband, Pierce.Suddenly, the local sheriff is holding Pierce responsible for a major disaster that Gog himself has orchestrated. To clear his debt for damages done, Pierce is sent on a manhunt to find and bring in a group of vicious bank robbers. To fail means to face the noose. With Pierce away, Gog works to woo Taisia, creating a rift in her marriage that threatens to destroy the whole Landcross clan.

Click here to read the first chapters of both books!

Book Five: Legacy-The Forgotten Story, & Book Six: Legacy-The Payment

Forgotten Story:

For seven blissful years, retired thief, Pierce Landcross, has lived a peaceful life on the island of Maui with his family. That changes on the day he receives disturbing visions about his mates, the Sea Warriors. Pierce and Grandmother Fey quickly realize the visions have come from none other than Freya Bates, the witch who wants to end Pierce’s life for her own dubious reasons. Now Pierce must leave his island home and return to England where Freya has a series of events lined up for him that will not only lead to the trap she has set, but also to the truth behind the whole bloody thing!

The Payment:

After being wrongly accused of treason, Pierce Landcross has become England’s top fugitive. To escape, he must first travel to London, but Freya Bates has other plans for Pierce that involve his most dangerous enemy, Volker Jäger, and even the assassination of Queen Victoria! When Pierce finds himself facing the hangman’s noose, he realizes it will take more than luck, and maybe a touch of magic, to get out of this one.

Click here to read first chapters of both books!

Legacy’s standalone dieselpunk Boom Time

Bootleggers, coppers, and no good, dirty gangsters! During Prohibition, the parties were wild, the alcohol was flowing, and danger was never far away. Pierce Landcross has been brought to the fast-paced future of New York City, 1926. His abductor, the Trickster, claims he’s hiding Pierce for his own protection, but cutthroats and femme fatales lurk around every corner. Lost in a strange land, Pierce vows to keep his nose clean, but that doesn’t last long when he falls into the bootlegging racket. Pierce has to quickly adapt to a world full of diesel-fueled machines, airships, moving picture shows, and clashes with rival gangs. At the same time, he has to elude a hunter from his own time sent to kill him!

Click here to read the first chapter!

The Age of the Machine series Book One & Book Two

The Age of the Machine (Vol.1)

At last, the Age of the Machine Era has arrived! And with it comes the Machine War. Infantry Regiment—and Living Automaton—Jarrott Watford, leads the charge and builds an army of hybrid soldiers to fight after commandeering a whole fleet of airships. He and the other machine people then flee to Europe to continue to grow their forces. Joaquin Landcross, son of famous ex-thief, Pierce Landcross, answers the call of duty and leaves his island home to enlist in the British Army. Meanwhile, his older brother, Kolt, and a number of other soldiers are sent on a mission to help destroy the advanced technology that the Machine Army has developed and stop their air fleet from further attacks. A major battle is about to take place, threatening to destroy England’s capital. At the same time, a sinister plan is underway, one that goes far beyond the destruction of a mere city.
‘The Age of the Machine is the second series to steampunk/fantasy, Legacy, where you will be reunited with old characters from Legacy as well as be introduced to new ones!’

Soul Thief:

After a lifetime of adventures, Pierce Landcross and his wife, Taisia, have been enjoying their rest and peace in the In-Between. Yet, when the couple decides to rejoin the light of the mortal world, something goes terribly wrong.Pierce is unexpectedly yanked back to his old life! And not only is he sent back into his original body, but he discovers that this resurrection was orchestrated by none other than his very own physician, Dr. Duncan Hackett, who has been dubbed the Soul Thief for being able to steal spirits from the afterlife.Pierce desperately wants to return to Taisia, but there are too many obstacles standing in his way, including a strange mind illness invading certain areas of England!With so much happening, Pierce struggles to get by one day at a time in the hopes that he and his love will be reunited once again.

Click here to read the first chapters of both books!

The Age of the Machine: Book Three Other: World and Book Four: Ghost Fire

Other World

It has been 139 years since the machine people unleashed their disastrous chemical known as the “Ghost Fire.” Now, the oceans have dried up and nearly all manner of water is gone.
Earth is dying.
Pierce Landcross has crossed the eons to come to this barebones world. He is seeking two scientists who are heading for the Floating City to learn its secrets so they can destroy it back in their own era. The easiest way out of the mountainous ridge known as the Spine of the Atlantic is to travel through the Narrows. But the journey is not without its dangers. Earthquakes, volcanoes, and cross-bred supernatural beings lie ahead for Pierce as he tries to stop this global destruction from ever happening.

Ghost Fire

The looming Second Machine War has been years in the making—and now the upcoming battle is here.
After being kidnapped from the afterlife and forced on a time-traveling quest to find a way to sink the Floating City, home to the machine race, Pierce Landcross has escaped the wasteland future to be reunited with his sons, Kolt and Joaquin. Now, the Landcross family must embark on a final mission to send the Metal Metropolis to the bottom of the ocean. But dark forces are arrayed against them, and old enemies will return to do anything to stop them.
With humankind’s future in the balance the final clash has begun, one that shall determine the fate of all.

Click here to read the first chapter of both books!

Cherished Thief: Based on the true story of Britain’s most notorious highwaymen, Claude Duval

In a time when outlaws are revered as heroes, Claude Duval thrives as a true gentleman of the road. Born into poverty in Domfront, France, in 1643, Duval faces many challenges as he sets off as a youth to make his mark on the world. Soon enough, the handsome and impertinent Claude becomes the most infamous highwaymen in British history! During his decades-long adventure, he is hunted by men and adored by women. However, roaming the King’s Highway by the light of the full moon comes with a terrible price…

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Atlantic Pyramid

The flight started out as usual for flight instructor, Heath Sharp, and his student, Gavin Cole, until a sudden storm forces them to crash into the Atlantic Ocean. Heath awakens to find Gavin dead and his plane stuck in the middle of a historical junkyard. The Bermuda Triangle has claimed hundreds of ships and planes over the centuries and Heath has accidentally happened upon them. Set in the center of the junkyard is an island inhabited by nearly every pilot, sailor, and passenger of those lost transporters, still alive and unchanged. The island is the centerpiece of one of the world’s greatest mysteries and there is no escape for anyone caught in its web. Yet Heath refuses to believe this foggy, dark place will become his last destination and searches for the greatest unfound treasure of all: a way out.

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The Warning

The Warning is a dystopian, science fiction, murder mystery novel. The longest night in Nikolai Crowe’s life begins when he’s framed for murdering his ex-girlfriend, Jade Sho. To save himself and clear his name he must search for the reason behind Jade’s assassination. He’ll have to do so without getting caught by crooked cops, who would rather see him dead than captured.

Detective Lucas Knox, assigned to hunt down the fugitive, turns his investigation in another direction when he has suspicions about Crowe’s guilt. His hunch will take him on a long, twisted road that’ll put his own life at risk. What will Nikolai and Knox discover, and can it bring them to Jade’s true killer?

Luckily, Nikolai has help from a human clone identified as Alpha Replica 3007. This clone—and a band of others like him—have escaped their creator on Mill Rock Island. Now this particular clone is guiding Nikolai toward something Jade left for him before her death. What did Jade hide, and will Nikolai find it before the cops find him?

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