The Hex Hunt: A Children’s Fantasy/Adventure Series

Hex Hunt (Vol.1) FIRST CHAPTER

The Hex Hunt (Vol.2) First Chapter

The Hex Hunt (Vol.3) First Chapter

   Rain was an average farm girl, until one day a magical fox named Sage appears, asking for help. When a spell goes horribly wrong and becomes a hex, Sage is sent by a powerful sorceress to hunt it down. Rain must read a special spell code in order to pull the hex back to the sorceress’s island . . . a land nearly destroyed when the hex awakened the Sleeping Volcano within.
It is now up to Rain to find and read the spell code that will pull the hex back to its home island.
Join Rain and Sage on their adventure!

The Hex Hunt (Vol 1.) is available at Amazon

The Hex Hunt-Surviving the Sea is available at Amazon

The Hex Hunt-The Island of the Sleeping Volcano is available at Amazon

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