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Greetings, fellow writers! I’m excited to announce that I’m available for beta reading for those needing it. Right now I’m accepting two fiction stories. But first, introductions! Who am I? My name is Michelle E. Lowe, and I’ve been writing for the better part of twenty years now. I have several published novels out, with a steampunk series in the works. I’ve studied writing in workshops classes and have worked with editors in polishing my own stories.  I’m easy to work with and will offer only honesty. Throw me your first two chapters and I’ll send you back a FREE sample of what I can do, allowing you to determine whether or not I’m the beta for you!

What I can do for you is . . .

. Thoroughly read over your manuscript

. Give detailed feedback

. Fix any typos or grammar flaws I catch

. Help with plot development and characterization

. Point out things needing improving such as show not tell, POV crossovers, and dialog

. Point out overused words and more!



Note: I mainly read fiction for adults, but may consider YA

What I read:

Science fiction



Action/ adventure



What I don’t read:







Horror (Only because I haven’t read nor written enough in this genre to give any real insight.)

Why use a beta reader?

Even if you plan on hiring a professional editor, having your work critiqued first is a very wise move. Beta reading isn’t about having your work praised, but instead, it lets fresh eyes take a look see and what they find can help improve your story. No matter how many revisions you’ve done, it pays to have someone else do a sweep of your manuscript and offer any useful advice. Not to mention, beta readers can usually do a little sprucing up along the way.

NOTEBeta reading is NOT a replacement to editing. You may still need a professional editor to finish the cleanup work.

As a writer myself, I understand the valuable position you stand in when handing over your story to someone who isn’t close to you. I will give out advice without being condescending about it. Trust me, I’ve been there many times, in fact, I’m there right now, waiting on reviews for my own novels. Not to mention when you don’t hear back from anyone, you only think the worse. I will always keep you updated, letting you know the progress, and of course, you’re always welcomed to email me anytime with questions or concerns. Having good commutation is the foundation of a healthy working relationship. As a serious writer, I also understand that there is a lot to learn about storytelling, and soaking in as much knowledge as possible can greatly improve your craft. As we take this joinery together, I will bestow what I’ve absorbed unto you.

My rates:

100,000 words or more, $100

75,000 words or more, $75

Novellas, between 20,000 and 50,000 words, $50

NOTE: These prices are non-negotiable, however, there are two payment options available.

The Process:

Step one:

Contact me! Simply email me at michellelowe7 (at) gmail (dot) com and tell a little about yourself, how long you’ve been writing, about your project and what sort of feedback you’re looking for.

For example: Are you looking for someone to just read through and catch typos? Do you want someone to point out plot holes? Help with character development? Point out awkward sentence structures? Even do a little editing, and so on. Just let me know, and it’ll be done!

Include your first two chapters in a Word doc attachment. I will send you a confirmation email, informing you that I’ve received your email. It’ll be something like, Hi, NAME! Thanks for contacting me. I have received your email and will contact you again shortly.

I will then go over your chapters, and if I feel that I can help you with your book, I’ll send the chapters back with the type of feedback you’ve requested. After your review, and make your final decision on whether or not you want to proceed, just email me back and we’ll get started!

NOTE: If you have any concerns about sending your entire manuscript over to a stranger, just visit and register your book.

Step two:

Once you’ve made a decision that you want us to work together, you can decide on payment options. You can either pay the full amount upfront or pay as we go. I’ll email you an invoice to pay via PayPal. You don’t need a PayPal account to make a payment.

Here’s how the pay as we go option works.

Payments will be broken up into two or three increments.

For 100,000 words or more, ($100) it would be $33 to beta read the beginning, $33 for the middle, and $34 for the end.

For a 75,000 words or more, ($75) would be cut $25 for the beginning, $25 for the middle, and $25 for the end.

And for novellas between 20,000 and 50,000 words, ($50) this amount will be sliced in half, $25/$25

NOTE: There are no refunds in the pay as we go option. Once payment(s) are made, I retain the full amount whether  you want me to finish beta reading your manuscript or not. If you choose to pay in full and somewhere along the way you decide not to go on, I will refund HALF of your payment no matter where we are in the process.

Payment(s) are due before any beta commences.

Step three:

Once payment is established, I’ll begin reading immediately. Whether you choose to pay as we go or paid in full, I will be sending you back your book in three increments, beginning, middle and end, for you to review. If you’ve paid in full, I’ll already be starting on beta reading the other chapters while you review the previous ones. If you’re paying as we go, you can either send me a payment and I’ll get started on the next section of your book while you review, or wait to pay until you’ve completed reviewing.

After you’ve reviewed your chapters, simply hang onto them until the entire book is completely read over. Once you’ve reviewed everything and made any necessary changes, email me back any questions you may have, and if you’d like for me to go over what you’ve done, I can do that. No charge! I’m also available on Skype if you’d like to chat face to face.

 Teaming up with beta readers can be a fun and fulfilling experience for both author and reader alike. For example, in helping you with your work, you’re also helping me in mine. All proceeds are going towards turning one of my own novels into an audiobook. So you see, we’re all helping one other achieve in this crazy world of writing!






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