I’ve kick off a Patreon campaign!

First off, WHAT IS PATREON?  Patreon is a place that gives you the chance to support artists and entrepreneurs, and in turn it allows us to keep doing what we’re doing—making stuff! Oh, and there’s always something in it for our supporters, too.



I did mention there are rewards, yes? For any contributions made, whether it’s $1 OR $150, you’ll receive anything from a spin-off story, copies of the Legacy series, to an audiobook!

So please, come visit my Patreon page and be part of this journey with me!


Patreon/ Legacy / The Warning/ Atlantic Pyramid/ Cherished Thief/ The Hex Hunt (Vol.1)/ The Hex Hunt: Surviving the Sea/ The Hex Hunt: The Island of the Sleeping Volcano/ Poe’s Haunted House Tour/ Spine Shivering Stories! /Personal Note/ For Aspiring Writers


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