Atlantic Pyramid

 “This book had a very interesting perspective of what might happen to all the planes and ships that go missing in the Bermuda Triangle. We all would think that those aboard the vessels are gone, but maybe it’s the beginning of a new type of life.”   





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The flight started out as usual for flight instructor,  Heath Sharp, and his student, Gavin Cole, until a sudden storm forces them to crash into the Atlantic Ocean. Heath awakens to find Gavin dead and his plane stuck in the middle of a historical junkyard. The Bermuda Triangle has claimed hundreds of ships and planes over the centuries and Heath has accidentally happened upon them. Set in the center of the junkyard is an island inhabited by nearly every pilot, sailor, and passenger of those lost transporters, still alive and unchanged. The island is the centerpiece of one of the world’s greatest mysteries and there is no escape for anyone caught in its web. Yet Heath refuses to believe this foggy, dark place will become his last destination and searches for the greatest unfounded treasure of all: a way out!

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