Cycles Series

Cycles is an upcoming YA Epic Fantasy series that takes place in another world, rich with its own history and culture. This character-driven story is about friendship, finding oneself, and commitment toward those closest to the heart.

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Book One

Cycles: A Cut Through Time


After waking deep underground inside a cave, our unknown hero digs herself out, only to find limited clues about what has happened to her. Unable to remember anything, including her own name, she leaves the cavern searching for answers. While in the forest, she comes across a lone hunter named Jaxith, who is attacked by vicious wolos. She saves his life, and, in return, he brings her to his home in Meadowcrest Village. Jaxith gives her the name Octavia.
In the Qavia Empire, Emperor Xaryus, and Empress Kala, set their sights on conquering the world’s largest shipping hub, Gitia, and become the wealthiest nation in the known world. To sack this well-guarded city, an army is needed. An alchemist named Lord Skard steps in and uses newfound magic to produce indestructible soldiers called the Carven. A battle between sides is fought, with Qavia standing as the victor. The Fall of Gitia creates chaos all over the world when goods are no longer being distributed. Things become much worse when Emperor Xaryus refocuses his agenda and goes off to war against the entire world with the goal of reshaping it to serve under the Qavia banner.
A season goes by, and a shortage of vital medicines endangers the villagers of Meadowcrest Village. Octavia, Jaxith, and two others agree to travel to the city of Ladabiso in the jungle lands to retrieve everything the village needs. During their quest, the group encounters obstacles, dangerous bandits, deadly storms, and the dreaded Carven. All the while Octavia tries to discover her own past, and for better or worse, find out who she is.


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