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Hello, and welcome to my bookstore!

Reading is a great way to take your mind off things, and in today’s age, a little getaway is what we all need. If you love to read and would prefer physical copies over e-books, then why not buy from the author herself?

If you’re in the US, simply email me what book(s) you would like, with BOOKSTORE in the subject line, and I’ll send them to you SIGNED!

Oh, and FREE shipping is included.  😉



Each book is $20.00 and once you make your order, I will send an Invoice via PayPal.

Note: You DON’T need a PayPal account to make an Invoice payment. 😊


Only the books shown are for sale through the author. Sorry, none of the children’s books at this time.

The Legacy series! Legacy (Vol.1), & Book Two, Legacy-The Reunion

Book Thee: Legacy-The Underground, & Book Four: Legacy-Bounty Hunter

Book Five: Legacy-The Forgotten Story, & Book Six: Legacy-The Payment

Legacy’s standalone dieselpunk Boom Time

Cherished Thief: Based on the true story of Britain’s most notorious highwaymen, Claude DuVal

Atlantic Pyramid

The Warning


Legacy / Legacy-The Reunion/ Legacy-The UndergroundLegacy-Bounty Hunter/Legacy-The Forgotten Story/ Legacy-The Payment/ BOOM TIME/ The Age of the Machine/ The Warning/ Atlantic Pyramid/ Cherished Thief/ The Hex Hunt (Vol.1)/ The Hex Hunt: Surviving the Sea/ The Hex Hunt: The Island of the Sleeping Volcano/ Poe’s Haunted House Tour/ Spine Shivering Stories! / The Entire Legacy Series Synopsis /About Moi/


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