Legacy-The Payment


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After being wrongly accused of treason, Pierce Landcross has become England’s top fugitive. To escape, he must first travel to London, but Freya Bates has other plans for Pierce that involve his most dangerous enemy, Volker Jäger, and even the assassination of Queen Victoria! When Pierce finds himself facing the hangman’s noose, he realizes it will take more than luck, and maybe a touch of magic, to get out of this one.

Legacy-The Payment is the final installment of the Legacy series!

Legacy / Legacy-The Reunion/ Legacy-The UndergroundLegacy-Bounty Hunter/Legacy-The Forgotten Story/ Legacy-The Payment/ The Warning/ Atlantic Pyramid/ Cherished Thief/ The Hex Hunt (Vol.1)/ The Hex Hunt: Surviving the Sea/ The Hex Hunt: The Island of the Sleeping Volcano/ Poe’s Haunted House Tour/ Spine Shivering Stories! / BOOM TIME/ The Entire Legacy Series Synopsis /About Moi/



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