Legacy-Bounty Hunter (Book Four)

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Pierce Landcross, his family, and the Sea Warriors, put into port at Sonora, Mexico, on their way to their new home in the Hawaiian Islands.
For the Landcross lot, however, this short visit will be no pleasurable retreat.
When a dangerous, nomadic tribe of Goth ghosts arrive, everything changes. Gog, their leader, is weary from centuries of aimlessly roaming the universe. He believes he has found a bride in Taisia Landcross. But to claim her, he must first separate Taisia from her husband, Pierce.
Suddenly, the local sheriff is holding Pierce responsible for a major disaster that Gog himself has orchestrated. To clear his debt for damages done, Pierce is sent on a manhunt to find and bring in a group of vicious bank robbers. To fail means to face the noose.
With Pierce away, Gog works to woo Taisia, creating a rift in her marriage that threatens to destroy the whole Landcross clan.


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