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website5I’m a big nerd at heart. I love fantasy and science fiction movies such as Indiana Jones, The Neverending Story, Star Wars, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, The Crow, The Lost Boys, etc… I’m addicted to shows like The Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones! I have to listen to music constantly. Some of my favorite artists are Tori Amos, Amanda Palmer, Radiohead, Kidneythieves, Green Day, White Stripes, Switchblade Symphony, Concrete BlondeJane’s Addiction and The Doors. I’ve collected all The Sandman graphic novels and still read them once in a while. My favorite video games to play is any old Atari game I can pull up on my computer. My number one game crush is Ms. Pac-Man!

And don’t get me started on books! Just to name a few titles I’ve read: Djinn on the Rocks by Dante Elgin, The French Mistress: A Novel of the Duchess of Portsmouth and King Charles II by Scott, Susan HollowayGeek Love by Dunn KatherineNeverwhere by Neil Gaiman, Gallows Thief, by Cornwell Bernard, Most of the Odd Thomas series, by Dean Koontz, Heart-Shaped Box, by Dean Koontz, Heart-Shaped Box, by Joe Hill, and currently reading Black Feathers series by Joseph D’ Lacey.

I worked as a film projectionist for nine years until everything went digital. The solitude of working as a projectionist provided the perfect refuge for writing. The Warning, Cherished Thief, and Atlantic Pyramid were all written in a projection booth.

I have two spoiled cats, Nico and Max.



I also love oil painting.



The Age of the Machine Synopsis (For Gaslight)

The Age of the Machine Series Synopsis


Legacy / Legacy-The Reunion/ Legacy-The UndergroundLegacy-Bounty Hunter/Legacy-The Forgotten Story/ Legacy-The Payment/ BOOM TIME/ The Age of the Machine/  The Age of the Machine: Soul Thief/ The Warning/ Atlantic Pyramid/ Cherished Thief/ The Hex Hunt (Vol.1)/ The Hex Hunt: Surviving the Sea/ The Hex Hunt: The Island of the Sleeping Volcano/ Poe’s Haunted House Tour/ Spine Shivering Stories! / The Entire Legacy Series Synopsis /About Moi/



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