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Cycles Series

When one battle threatens millions, how will the world survive in the ashes of warfare?


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Book One

Cycles: A Cut Through Time

She awakens deep underground. She digs herself out and finds she’s inside a cave. Not only does she not know why she was buried, but she also has no idea who she is! While out in the forest, this lost young woman comes across a hunter in danger, and after saving him from death, he brings her to his village. The hunter, Jaxith, gives her the name Octavia.

Emperor Xaryus and Empress Kala of the Qavia Empire plan to conquer Gitia, the biggest shipping hub, to become the wealthiest nation. To sack this well-guarded city, a specialized army is needed. An alchemist named Lord Skard steps in and uses newfound magic to produce indestructible soldiers called the Carven. A battle between sides is fought, with Qavia standing as the victor. Chaos ensues globally after the Fall of Gitia and Qavia declares war against the planet to serve under their banner.

A season goes by, and a shortage of vital supplies endangers countless lives. Octavia, Jaxith, and two others agree to travel to the city of Ladabiso to retrieve everything their village needs. During their quest, the group encounters dangerous bandits, deadly storms, the dreaded Carven, and a wicked place known as Dead Hill. All the while Octavia tries to discover her own past and find out who she is.

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