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The Age of the Machine (Vol.1)

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At last, the Age of the Machine Era has arrived! And with it comes the Machine War. Infantry Regiment—and Living Automaton—Jarrott Watford, leads the charge and builds an army of hybrid soldiers to fight after commandeering a whole fleet of airships. He and the other machine people then flee to Europe to continue to grow their forces. Joaquin Landcross, son of famous ex-thief, Pierce Landcross, answers the call of duty and leaves his island home to enlist in the British Army. Meanwhile, his older brother, Kolt, and a number of other soldiers are sent on a mission to help destroy the advanced technology that the Machine Army has developed and stop their air fleet from further attacks. A major battle is about to take place, threatening to destroy England’s capital.At the same time, a sinister plan is underway, one that goes far beyond the distraction of a mere city.

(First chapter)

The Age of the Machine Series Synopsis


Legacy / Legacy-The Reunion/ Legacy-The UndergroundLegacy-Bounty Hunter/Legacy-The Forgotten Story/ Legacy-The Payment/ BOOM TIME/ The Age of the Machine/  The Age of the Machine: Soul Thief/ The Age of the Machine: Other World/ The Age of the Machine: Ghost Fire/ The Warning/ Atlantic Pyramid/ Cherished Thief/ The Hex Hunt (Vol.1)/ The Hex Hunt: Surviving the Sea/ The Hex Hunt: The Island of the Sleeping Volcano/ Poe’s Haunted House Tour/ Spine Shivering Stories! / The Entire Legacy Series Synopsis /About Moi/